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Hosts a basic blog/portfolio for Chris Harrington

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Portfolio Site (powered by Jekyll)

This repo contains the content for a Jekyll site, along with supporting files for a local preview function.

Local environment setup

Setting up Ruby, Bundler, Git, and Make on Gentoo Linux

Specify a Ruby target in /etc/portage/make.conf. I use Ruby 2.6, and I specify that as:


Next, you'll want to ensure you have bundler, git, and make. As root, or via sudo:

emerge -au dev-ruby/bundler dev-vcs/git sys-devel/make

Setting up Ruby, Bundler, Git, and Make on Debian-ish Linux

I'm using Debian under WSL2 for this, and that comes with some caveats. But generally speaking, we'll need ruby, bundler, git, and make. You can run (as root, or via sudo):

apt install build-essential ruby-full bundler git


Find a convenient location to clone the repo, and run:

git clone

This should clone into a folder named portfolio. cd into that folder, and run make test:

cd portfolio
make test

This will download all the dependencies and plop them into a repo-local folder. Jekyll should now be running and serving a local copy of the site at http://[hostname or ip]:4000/ . If you ran this on the same machine you're using now, you should be able to find it at http://localhost:4000 but your mileage may vary.