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A tool or two to generate regexes for finding URLs in text.
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== What is this? ==

findurl is a python module that allows you to find URLs (be they formal or casually typed)
in a block of text. It also features an inherently up-to-date URL regular expresson, which
can be either computed on-the-fly (via scraping IANA and/or Wikipedia) or at build-time.

== Documentation ==

The module itself is pretty short and self-explanatory, at this point in time. As the module
grows, however, I will add some formal documentation.

== What's not supported (yet) ==

* IP detection (although the regexes are there if you want to use them yourself)
* scraping Wikipedia
* punycode TLDs
* option to use things like [aA] instead of requiring re.IGNORECASE be used

== Contact ==
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