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Diagrams for Universal Dashboard
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Universal Dashboard Diagrams

Diagrams for Universal Dashboard allow you create network and flow diagrams. You can define nodes, their colors and links to other nodes. Nodes support multiple input and output ports that can be linked using links. You can define the OnSelected event handler to receive a notification when a node is selected.


Install-Module UniversalDashboard.Diagrams 


$Nodes = 1..5 | % { New-UDDiagramNode -Id "node$_" -Name "node$_" -OutPort 'out' -InPort 'in' -Color blue -xOffset (100 * $_) }
$Links = 1..4 | % { New-UDDiagramLink -OutNode "node$_" -OutPort 'out' -InNode "node$($_ + 1)" -InPort 'in' }

New-UDDiagram -Node $Nodes -Link $Links -Locked -OnSelected {
    Show-UDToast -Message $EventData


Please report issues within the Universal Dashboard Repository.


This component requires a Universal Dashboard Enterprise license.


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