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Desktops apps with Universal Dashboard
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Build Desktop Apps with Universal Dashboard


Universal Dashboard Forge uses Electron and Electron Forge to build desktops apps with Universal Dashboard.


Install-Module UniversalDashboard.Forge



Your dashboard file needs to be called dashboard.ps1, listen on the specified port and use the -Wait parameter of Start-UDDashboard.


Package a single ps1 file as a desktop application.

Import-Module UniversalDashboard.Forge
New-UDDesktopApp -Path .\dashboard.ps1 -OutputPath .\out -Name MyApp

Package a folder as a desktop application. UDForge will verify that the folder contains a dashboard.ps1 file. This file should call Start-UDDashboard.

Import-Module UniversalDashboard.Forge
New-UDDesktopApp -Path .\dashboard -OutputPath .\out -Name MyApp


An installer is also created in the output directory. This contains all the files necessary for electron, the app and Universal Dashboard.

.\MyApp\out\make\\x64\myapp-1.0.0 Setup.exe
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