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Release notes for the v2.1.0 release of Universal Dashboard


Support for Icons8 line-awesome font icons

Thanks, Alon Gvili!

You can now select the line-awesome font icon set by setting the -FontIconStyle parameter of New-UDDashboard to LineAwesome

Line awesome icon set

New Image Carousel Control

Thanks, Alon Gvili!

You can now create image carousels using New-UDImageCarousel and New-UDImageCarouselItem .

Example Image Carousel

Default File Types for Publish-UDFolder

Thanks, Alon Gvili!

Publish-UDFolder now automatically has file type mappings for ps1, psm1, psd1, log, yml as well as the built in known file types.

Width and Height Parameters for New-UDChart and New-UDMonitor

Thanks, Alon Gvili!

You can now set Height and Width parameters of New-UDChart and New-UDMonitor.

Example Charts and Monitors

Login Button Colors

You can now set the color of the login button using the -LoginButtonFontColor and -LoginButtonBackgroundColor parameters of New-UDLogin

Beautiful new login colors

Bug Fixes

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