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Universal Dashboard Marketplace
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Universal Dashboard Marketplace

Universal Dashboard Marketplace


The Universal Dashboard Marketplace is a website for listing dashboards and controls built on Universal Dashboard. The website has a background process that synchronizes with the PowerShell Gallery every hour. The background job is currently looking for items tagged ud-dashboard or ud-control. It then will read the metadata about the module, such as the Project URL. If the Project URL is a GitHub project, it will synchronize with GitHub to produce the description page for the module within the Marketplace.


This website is built on ASP.NET Core using Entity Framework Core and Razor pages. You will need the 2.1 .NET Core SDK, Visual Studio and a local SQL Server instance to contribute. You should simply be able to open the .\src\Marketplace.sln file in Visual Studio. Next, create the database by running the following command in the Package Manager Console.


Finally, you should be able to press F5 to run the project. By default, it listens on port 5000 for HTTP and 5001 for HTTPS.

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