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@adamdriscoll adamdriscoll released this Aug 14, 2019

Nightly build 20190813.8


  • 3dd890b Merge pull request #1016 from psDevUK/psDevUK-patch-1
  • 6932275 My Azure modified theme
  • e718ce8 Merge pull request #1014 from oitptobbe/patch-1
  • 5408912 Update DashboardHub.cs
  • e1b0dd0 Update to add which EventId was called
  • 836dda0 Merge pull request #1013 from ironmansoftware/Issue-Tempaltes
  • d7f7fec Github Issue Templates: Bug and Feature Request
  • e9a110c Merge pull request #1011 from itfranck/patch-3
  • 2bcf18d New-UDGrid process section performance increase.
  • fb99e2a Fix tasks.
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