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With Bumblebee, you can easily clean and prepare bigdata using a visual interface. It is built over Optimus so you can handle small and big data efficiently.

For more info about Bumblebee, please go to:



To run Bumblebee on a Docker container just use:

docker run --name <NAME> --network="host" -e ADDRESS=<IP> ironmussa/bumblebee:develop-3.0

On <NAME> you can use any name you want for your environtment and on <IP> you must input the public IP address of your machine.

Remember to open ports 3000 and 4000 on your host.

Ubuntu/Digital Ocean

Load and explore

Get data from CSV, JSON, parquet, Avro files, and databases. Then get histograms, frequency charts, and advance stats. Database

Transform and Clean

Convert unstructured data, standardize strings, unify date format, Impute data, handle outliers and create custom functions. Transform

Prepare for Machine Learning

Bin columns, string clustering, one-hot encode, scaling, and split train and test data. Prepare

Interact with code like in jupyter notebook

Every action over your data is added as a transformation step using python code that you can modify anytime. Also, you can add any python code you want to make complex transformations.


See Bumblebee in action

Contributing to Bumblebee

Contributions go far beyond pull requests and commits. We are very happy to receive any kind of contributions including:

  • Documentation updates, enhancements, designs, or bugfixes.
  • Spelling or grammar fixes.
  • corrections or redesigns.
  • Adding unit, or functional tests.
  • Triaging GitHub issues -- especially determining whether an issue still persists or is reproducible.
  • Searching #hibumblebee on twitter and helping someone else who needs help.
  • Blogging, speaking about, or creating tutorials about Bumblebee and its many features.