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# -*- Mode: Cython -*-
from cpython.ref cimport PyObject
# Only import things from libc that are very common and have unique names.
from libc.stdint cimport intptr_t, uintptr_t, uint64_t
from libc.string cimport memcpy, memset
from posix.unistd cimport off_t
from posix.time cimport timeval
cdef extern from "Python.h":
ctypedef struct PyCodeObject:
int co_argcount
int co_nlocals
int co_stacksize
int co_flags
PyObject *co_code
PyObject *co_consts
PyObject *co_names
PyObject *co_varnames
PyObject *co_freevars
PyObject *co_cellvars
PyObject *co_filename
PyObject *co_name
int co_firstlineno
PyObject *co_lnotab
int PyCode_Addr2Line(PyCodeObject *, int)
cdef extern from "frameobject.h":
ctypedef struct PyFrameObject:
PyFrameObject *f_back
PyCodeObject *f_code
PyObject *f_builtins
PyObject *f_globals
PyObject *f_locals
PyObject *f_trace
PyObject *f_exc_type
PyObject *f_exc_value
PyObject *f_exc_traceback
int f_lasti
int f_lineno
int f_restricted
int f_iblock
int f_nlocals
int f_ncells
int f_nfreevars
int f_stacksize
cdef enum:
# used by the profiler
cdef struct call_stack:
# Next is NULL for the end of the linked list.
call_stack * next
void * func # Really a <function>
void * b # Really a <bench>
cdef struct machine_state:
void * stack_pointer
void * frame_pointer
void * insn_pointer
# other registers that need saving
# # x86 amd64
void * r1 # ebx rbx
void * r2 # esi r12
void * r3 # edi r13
void * r4 # r14
void * r5 # r15
# from swap.c
cdef extern int __swap (void * ts, void * fs)
cdef extern object void_as_object (void * p)
cdef extern int frame_getlineno (object frame)
cdef extern int coro_breakpoint()
cdef extern int SHRAP_STACK_PAD
cdef int default_selfishness
cdef int live_coros
cdef public class coro [ object _coro_object, type _coro_type ]:
"""The coroutine object.
Do not create this object directly. Use either :func:`new` or
:func:`spawn` to create one.
cdef machine_state state
cdef object fun
cdef object args, kwargs
cdef readonly bytes name
cdef public int id
# XXX think about doing these as a bitfield/property
cdef public unsigned char dead, started, scheduled
cdef public object value
cdef void * stack_copy
cdef size_t stack_size
cdef PyFrameObject * frame
cdef void * saved_exception_data[6]
# used only by the profiler, a call_stack object. NULL if the profiler is
# not enabled or if this is the first call of the coroutine.
cdef call_stack * top
cdef int saved_recursion_depth
cdef int selfish_acts, max_selfish_acts
cdef bint compress, compressed
cdef object waiting_joiners
# Used for thread-local-storage.
cdef dict _tdict
cdef __create (self)
cdef __destroy (self)
cdef __yield (self)
cdef __resume (self, value)
cdef save_exception_data (self)
cdef restore_exception_data (self)
cdef _schedule (self, value)
cdef _unschedule (self)
cdef _die (self)
cdef __interrupt (self, the_exception)
cdef int try_selfish (self)
# choose a library for stack compression
include "zstack_lz4.pxd"
include "zstack_lzo.pxd"
include "zstack_zlib.pxd"
cdef public class sched [ object sched_object, type sched_type ]:
cdef machine_state state
# this is the stack that all coroutines run on
cdef void * stack_base
cdef int stack_size
cdef public list pending, staging
cdef public object _current
cdef coro _last
cdef int profiling
cdef uint64_t latency_threshold
cdef zstack squish
cdef object events
cdef _preserve_last (self)
cdef _restore (self, coro co)
cdef _schedule (self, coro co, object value)
cdef _unschedule (self, coro co)
cdef print_latency_warning (self, coro co, uint64_t delta)
cdef sleep (self, uint64_t when)
cdef schedule_ready_events (self, uint64_t now)
cdef get_timeout_to_next_event (self, int default_timeout)
include "socket.pxd"
# XXX need pxd files for sync.pyx, poller.pyx, etc...