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# -*- Mode: Cython -*-
class Lz4Error (Exception):
"A problem with lz4"
# at this time (Apr 2012) the lz4 distribution does not generate a library
# something like the following steps will be necessary:
# $ cc -O3 lz4.c -o lz4.o -c
# $ ar rvs liblz4.a lz4.o
# ar: creating archive liblz4.a
# a - lz4.o
# $ cp lz4.h /usr/local/include/
# $ cp liblz4.a /usr/local/lib
cimport lz4
cdef class zstack:
cdef char * buffer
cdef int buffer_size
def __init__ (self, int size=1024*1024):
cdef int r
self.buffer = <char *>PyMem_Malloc (size)
if not self.buffer:
raise MemoryError
self.buffer_size = size
def __dealloc__ (self):
if self.buffer:
PyMem_Free (self.buffer)
cdef size_t deflate (self, void * base, size_t size):
return lz4.LZ4_compress (<char*>base, self.buffer, size)
cdef size_t inflate (self, void * dst, size_t dsize, void * src, size_t ssize):
return lz4.LZ4_uncompress (<char*>src, <char*>dst, dsize)
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