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split _ldap.pyx into coro.asn1.ber and coro.ldap.query #28

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Sam Rushing
Sam Rushing

This splits _ldap.pyx into coro.asn1.ber and coro.ldap.query, includes some support code and tests.
The beginnings of a simple ldap client are included as well, it is able to connect, STARTTLS, and bind.

Sam Rushing samrushing merged commit e4a85c1 into from
Sam Rushing

Ok, that was confusing. It gave me an error the first 2-3 times I tried this. Then it just worked. ??

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Commits on Jun 18, 2012
  1. add coro.asn1.ber and coro.ldap.query modules

    Sam Rushing authored
  2. split _ldap.pyx into coro.asn1.ber and coro.ldap.query

    Sam Rushing authored
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