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amqp channel.forget_consumer: handle KeyError.
asn1 more zero-length BER encodings, plus unit tests.
clocks Fix "OverflowError: value too large to convert to int" error
db pep8
dns need to str(why) to LOG.
emulation More pep8
http pep8
ldap AUTH.sasl needs FLAGS_STRUCTURED.
log is_binary: suck less.
ssh More pep8
ssl pkey: add decrypt interface.
test Move into coro/test for use by other tests
.gitignore some ignores for cython output
__init__.pxd give a namespace to the pxd files new logging subsystem using the python-asn1 codec.
_coro.pxd transition away from ironport's libc.pxd to the ones distributed with…
_coro.pyx coro.fork: hack to create new kqueue() fd upon fork for unix-style fo…
_read_stream.pyx start on a cython version of read_stream
aio.pyx string->bytes update purged remaining print_stderrs.
event_queue.pyx libc.stdint.uint64_t
fifo.pyx fifo.push_front(): new method pep8
ironport.pyx Initial commit
linux_aio.pyx Unit tests and minor fixes
linux_poller.pyx Create a stub class and singleton to represent main
lio.pyx Fixes #50
local.pyx Create a stub class and singleton to represent main
lru.pyx dns cache/resolver support
lz4.pxd The '...Ctx()' functions are static in lz4
lzo.pxd interface for the lzo library All the version strings refer to perforce revision strings removed.
oserrors.pyx First attempt at removing aplib dependencies
poller.pyx Remove some cython warnings pep8
profile.pyx Remove some cython warnings pep8 pep8
rusage.pyx Initial commit use signalfd(2) to support kqueue-style signal events.
socket.pxd Fix ipv6 compile for Linux
socket.pyx Remove some cython warnings
swap.c _wrap0(): (amd64) indexing off of %rsp rather than %rbp seems to avoi…
sync.pyx fifo: add __iter__. new logging subsystem using the python-asn1 codec.
zlib.pxd added: deflateSetDictionary, inflateSetDictionary
zstack_lz4.pyx Merge branch 'master' into zstack
zstack_lzo.pyx zstack object implemented with lzo
zstack_zlib.pxd modernize pyrex -> cython
zstack_zlib.pyx modernize pyrex -> cython
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