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Euterpe GTK

This is a convergent desktop and mobile client for Euterpe. It is developed with mobile Linux environments in mind. Such as Phosh and Plasma Mobile. But it is completely usable as a normal desktop application as well.


Download on Flathub

Project Status

The program is mostly done and ready for day-to-day use. It needs some polishing and adding the last few minor features before I could call it a complete and release the first major version.


Building From Source

You will need libhandy 1.2+ dev files and the Python's keyring lib before building.

On Alpine they could be installed via apk:

sudo apk add libhandy1-dev py3-keyring

After that install as normal GTK3 app:

meson . _build --prefix=/usr
ninja -C _build
sudo ninja -C _build install


One would want to set the environment variable G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=euterpe-gtk to get the debug messages from the program. They do help during development a lot!