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elvi: vi-like editor in esoteric languages

This is a modified version of Jody Bruchon's vi clone that can be compiled into esoteric languages, using the ELVM Compiler Infrastructure.

Only very limited commands are supported. It cannot even save / load files, because most esolangs does not have file I/O. But it's pretty impressive to see vi running on a Brainfuck (or Unlambda) interpreter.


To compile vi.c into esoteric languages, run make. If you already have an ELVM checkout, set the ELVM environment variable to point to that location. Otherwise, it checks out ELVM into elvm subdirectory.

The following files are generated:

vi.eir      -  ELVM IR code
vi.eir.bef  -  Befunge   -  Brainfuck
vi.eir.unl  -  Unlambda   -  Whitespace

To run, use the runvi script. it sets your terminal to non-canonical mode, and run the esolang interpreter bundled with ELVM. After elvi exits, it restores the terminal mode.