Client-Side Data Examples for Varying Libraries
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Building Client-Side Data-driven applications - Talk Materials

This repo is ever evolving in an attempt to capture the various client-side data manipulation and management libraries out there. This is a topic close to my heart and thus one that I love to tell others about as well.


This repo contains:

  • code samples (/code) - Each section contains its own readme explaining the examples.
  • data (/data)


How do I run this code?

From the root of the repo run your favorite basic http server. I'm a fan of python -m SimpleHTTPServer.

Why don't I see anything?

That's because some of the output is in the console. You should pop that open and try again. Otherwise make sure you ran your server from the root of the application.

Is this production level code?

Hah! Funny. Nope. I didn't architect any proper apps here. Use these code samples as guides, but please get to know the libraries well enough to judge them yourself before you use them.

I have questions you haven't answered here

Great. Ping me at @ireneros on twitter or irene at I also idle in many places on irc: #bocoup, #misoproject.


06/13/2013 - updated all the libs. Extended one of the underscore examples.