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Security Policy

Reporting a Vulnerability

If you have found an issue, strange behaviour, possible oversight, or anything else that may have security implications, please do not report it in the GitHub repository, but email

Supported Versions

The current main branch, latest minor version (currently 4.4.x) and one older minor version are always supported for security updates. Older versions may be supported for longer in support contracts or specific agreements.

Version Supported
Main branch Yes
4.4.x Yes
4.3.x Yes
4.2.x No
4.1.x No
4.0.x No

Versions older than 4.0 are an entirely different project.

Security process and disclosure

  • Upon receiving a notification of a possible security issue, the maintainers will investigate the issue to determine whether there is an impact and what kind of impact.
  • The reporter will receive this initial assessment within one week, but generally sooner.
  • If the issue has a security impact, the maintainers will implement as resolution as soon as reasonable. The time frame for this depends on the complexity, but will usually be in the order of a few days to a few weeks.
  • Once a fix for the issue is ready, the maintainer will assess whether a coordinated deployment plan is warranted. In that case, external stakeholders may receive details, patches and/or pre-releases, before the public release.
  • Reporters will be credited if desired.

Security issues in IRRd deployments

The maintainers do not run production deployments of IRRd. For issues with particular instances, rather than the IRRd software, contact the security contact of the respective IRRd operator.

Best effort

Note that, like all IRRd maintenance, this process is best effort, except where otherwise agreed in a separate support contract. The existence of this policy does not negate the disclaimers regarding warranty, liability etc., in the IRRd license.