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Testing configuration, used by py.test.
Fixtures defined here are available to all tests.
import os
import pytest
from dotted.collection import DottedDict
from typing import Dict, Any
from irrd.conf import config_init
from irrd.rpsl.rpsl_objects import rpsl_object_from_text
from irrd.utils.rpsl_samples import SAMPLE_KEY_CERT
def config_override(monkeypatch):
Fixture to override part of the configuration, by providing a dict
with new config data.
Note that subsequent calls override previous ones, so the entire
override dict must be supplied every time.
def _override(override_data: Dict[Any, Any]):
monkeypatch.setattr('irrd.conf.testing_overrides', DottedDict(override_data))
return _override
def tmp_gpg_dir(tmpdir, monkeypatch):
Fixture to use a temporary separate gpg dir, to prevent it using your
user's keyring.
NOTE: if the gpg keyring name is very long, this introduces a 5 second
delay in all gpg tests due to gpg incorrectly waiting to find a gpg-agent.
Default tmpdirs on Mac OS X are affected, to prevent this run pytest with:
os.environ['IRRD_AUTH_GNUPG_KEYRING'] = str(tmpdir) + "/gnupg"
def preload_gpg_key():
Fixture to load a known PGP key into the configured keychain.
# Simply parsing the key-cert will load it into the GPG keychain
rpsl_text = SAMPLE_KEY_CERT
def pytest_configure(config):
This function is called by py.test, and will set a flag to
indicate tests are running. This is used by the configuration
checker to not require a full working config for most tests.
Can be checked with:
hasattr(sys, '_called_from_test')
import sys
sys._called_from_test = True
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