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Code Golf Submission Repo

We will be using this repo to submit the code for codegolf on Saturday April 21, 2012.

Running the Harness

(not on linux? try

by Example:

$ python -d ../hacsoc_code_golf/ -r /tmp/results/results.micro python /tmp/reviews/reviews.micro 

by Format:

$ python -d <directory of you code> -r <path to results> [your program] <path to reviews>


command line arguments:

program path/to/reviews


python /tmp/reviews.micro

index phase

you can write anything you want to stderr and stdout EXCEPT > as soon as it sees a newline character the harness enters "query phase"

query phase

example code: (python)

while True:
  sys.stdout.write('> '); sys.stdout.flush()
  try: inpt = sys.stdin.readline()
  except: break;
  if not inpt: continue
  inpt = clean(inpt)
  inpt = inpt.split()

what happens:

  • you write a > to the stdout this is the "prompt"
  • then you read a line from the stdin
  • you do your query
  • you collect all the revids put them in a list
  • encode the list ["revid1", "revid2", ....] eg. as a json list
  • write the encoded list to the stdout

Clean Function

def clean(text):
  return (
      .replace('/', '')
      .replace('(', '')
      .replace(')', '')
      .replace(')', '')
      .replace(':', '')
      .replace('.', '')
      .replace(',', '')
      .replace(';', '')
      .replace(';', '')
      .replace('?', ' ?')
      .replace('!', ' !')
      .replace('-', ' - '))