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Utilities for traversing `CWNode` trees.
from collections import deque
def preorder_traversal(node, start=None, end=None) -> "iterator(CWNode)":
Yields every node in the tree. Each node is yielded before its descendants.
Mutation is disallowed.
- *start*: If specified, only yield nodes following (not including) this node.
- *end*: If specified, do not yield this node or nodes following it.
stack = deque([node])
has_started = start is None
while len(stack) > 0:
node = stack.pop()
if node is end:
has_started = has_started or start is node
if has_started:
yield node
for child in reversed(node.children):
def postorder_traversal(node) -> "iterator(CWNode)":
Yields every node in the tree. Each node is yielded after its descendants.
Mutation is disallowed.
root = node
stack = deque([(root, 'yield'), (root, 'add_children')])
while len(stack) > 0:
(node, action) = stack.pop()
if action == 'yield':
yield node
elif action == 'add_children':
for i in reversed(range(len(node.children))):
stack.append((node.children[i], 'yield'))
stack.append((node.children[i], 'add_children'))
def iterate_ancestors(node):
Yields every ancestor of a node, starting with its immediate parent.
from computerwords.cwdom.nodes import CWNode
from computerwords.cwdom.traversal import iterate_ancestors
node_c = CWNode('c', [])
tree = CWNode('a', [
CWNode('b', [node_c]),
CWNode('d', []),
assert ([ for node in iterate_ancestors(node_c)] ==
['b', 'a'])
node = node.get_parent()
while node:
yield node
node = node.get_parent()
def find_ancestor(node, predicate):
Returns the closest ancestor of a node matching the given predicate.
from computerwords.cwdom.traversal import find_ancestor
document_node = find_ancestor(node, lambda n: == 'Document')
for ancestor in iterate_ancestors(node):
if predicate(ancestor):
return ancestor
def visit_tree(tree, node_name_to_visitor, node=None, handle_error=None):
Recursively call the `CWTreeVisitor` for each node. If a node
is encountered that has no corresponding visitor, `MissingVisitorError` is
from computerwords.cwdom.CWTree import CWTree
from computerwords.cwdom.traversal import (
visits = []
class SimpleVisitor(CWTreeVisitor):
def before_children(self, tree, node):
def after_children(self, tree, node):
tree = CWTree(CWNode('x', [CWNode('y', [])]))
visit_tree(tree, {
'x': SimpleVisitor(),
'y': SimpleVisitor(),
assert visits == ['pre-x', 'pre-y', 'post-y', 'post-x']
node = node or tree.root
visitor = None
visitor = node_name_to_visitor[]
except KeyError:
if handle_error is None:
raise MissingVisitorError(node)
if visitor is not None:
visitor.before_children(tree, node)
for child in node.children:
tree, node_name_to_visitor, node=child, handle_error=handle_error)
if visitor is not None:
visitor.after_children(tree, node)
class MissingVisitorError(Exception):
Error thrown when trying to visit a node for which no visitor is available.
def __init__(self, node):
self.node = node
def __repr__(self):
return "MissingVisitorError(document_id={!r}, node={!r})".format(
self.node.document_id, self.node)
def __str__(self):
return repr(self)
class CWTreeVisitor:
def before_children(self, tree, node):
"""Called before the node's children are visited."""
def after_children(self, tree, node):
"""Called after the node's children are visited."""
class PostorderTraverser:
A class that lets you iterate over a tree while mutating it.
Keeps track of a *cursor* representing the last visited node. Each time
the next node is requested, the iterator looks at the cursor and walks
up the tree to find the cursor's next sibling or parent.
You may replace the cursor if you want to replace the node currently being
You may safely mutate the cursor's ancestors, since they haven't been
visited yet.
def __init__(self, node):
self.cursor = node
self._is_first_result = True
def replace_cursor(self, new_cursor):
"""Only use this if you really know what you are doing."""
self.cursor = new_cursor
def __iter__(self):
return self
def __next__(self) -> "CWNode":
if self._is_first_result:
self._is_first_result = False
parent = self.cursor.get_parent()
if not parent:
raise StopIteration()
child_i = parent.children.index(self.cursor)
next_child_i = child_i + 1
if next_child_i >= len(parent.children):
self.cursor = parent
self.cursor = parent.children[next_child_i]
return self.cursor
def _descend(self):
while self.cursor.children:
self.cursor = self.cursor.children[0]