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### Writing a plugin for Computer Words
Summary: write a class inheriting from `computerwords.plugin.CWPlugin`,
put it in a module accessible in `PYTHONPATH`, and add it to a list of
module paths under the `"plugins"` key in your config file.
#### 1. Inherit from `CWPlugin`
from computerwords.cwdom.nodes import CWTagNode, CWTextNode
from computerwords.plugin import CWPlugin
class MyPlugin(CWPlugin):
# we want to add some things to the config file
CONFIG_NAMESPACE = 'my_plugin'
# here are our default values
def get_default_config(sel):
return {
"files_to_read": []
# override this method to write to the config after it has
# been read
def postprocess_config(self, config):
local_config = config["my_plugin"]
local_config["file_contents"] = {}
for path in local_config["files_to_read"]:
with open(path, 'r') as f:
local_config["file_contents"][path] =
# If you're writing a custom tag, this is where you
# implement it.
def add_processors(self, library):
def process_my_tag(tree, node):
{'class': 'under-construction'},
[CWTextNode('Under Construction')]))
#### 2. Put your plugin in `PYTHONPATH`
You can either install your plugin as a package or just add
`PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:$PATH_TO_MODULE_DIR` in front of your invocation of
`python -m computerwords`. Kind of like this:
# plugin file is at plugins/
python -m computerwords \\
--conf docs/conf.json
#### 3. Add your plugin to the config file
"plugins": [
### Things that might help you
If you need to get content of a node's subtree in the order it appears in the
document, use `computerwords.cwdom.traversal.preorder_traversal()` to walk
the tree. In the future, this will be made easier, but this solution should
work for now, even if it's slow.
You can store data on nodes. Each node has a `data` dict attribute.
You can also store data on the tree using the `tree.processor_data` dict.
### Best Practices
Do not mutate the node "in place." Instead, create a copy, modify it, and
replace the original. That way, any other processors that respond to changes
in that node can run again.
class CWPlugin:
"""Base class for all Computer Words plugins."""
"""If you want to include custom information in the config file, specify
a namespace for it to live under. For example, the HTML writer's
configuration is all under the `"html"` key."""
def get_default_config(self):
"""If you specified `CONFIG_NAMESPACE`, provide a default dictionary
return None
"""Optionally transform the config after it is read"""
def postprocess_config(self, config):
def add_processors(self, library):
"""Use `cwdom.library.Library.processor` to define transforms on the
def write(self, config, src_root, dest_root, stdlib, tree):