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A Better Sphinx Theme

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What is this?

This is a modified version of the default Sphinx theme with the following goals:

  1. Remove frivolous colors, especially hard-coded ones
  2. Improve readability by limiting width and using more whitespace
  3. Encourage visual customization through CSS, not themeconf
  4. Use semantic markup

v0.1 meets goals one and two. Goal three is partially complete; it's simple to add your own CSS file without creating a whole new theme. Open a ticket if you'd like something changed.


sphinx-better-theme is compatible with Sphinx 0.6.4+ and Jinja 2.3.1+. Older versions may work but have not been tested.


Get it from PyPI:

> pip install sphinx-better-theme

Or download the zip file and run the usual command:

> python install

Once the package is installed, make these changes to to direct Sphinx to use the theme:

from better import better_theme_path
html_theme_path = [better_theme_path]
html_theme = 'better'