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Summertunes is a web-based music player that can control mpv on a server, or play back audio in your browser.


Python 3.5; beets >=1.4.4; mpv



# Install mpv on your platform
brew install mpv
# Install summertunes from PyPI
pip install summertunes

Add this to your beets config (on OS X, at ~/.config/beets/config.yaml):

plugins: web summertunes
    include_paths: true  # without this, summertunes can't control mpv

If you haven't used beets before, import your files into beets without rewriting tags or copying:

beet import -A -C /folder/of/files


In terminal A, run beet web:

beet web

In terminal B, use summertunes to run mpv:

summertunes mpv

In your web browser, visit http://localhost:8337/summertunes/.

The normal ``beet web`` interface is still at ``http://localhost:8337/``. Summertunes is served at ``/summertunes/``.


Summertunes is configured using your beets config file. Here are its defaults:

    # port to serve mpv websocket from
    mpv_websocket_port: 3001
    # path to use for socket; should be no files with this path
    mpv_socket_path: /tmp/mpv_socket
    # show mpv in web interface? otherwise just allow web playback
    mpv_enabled: yes
    # API key, used to fetch album art
    last_fm_api_key: ''
    # if using 'summertunes serve' development server, use this port
    dev_server_port: 3000



You'll need npm installed to develop the client. To get the auto-reloading dev server running, install some stuff:

cd client
npm install
pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install --editable .

Update your beets config to allow CORS headers in beet web:

    cors: '*'
    include_paths: true

Now you can run this in one terminal to serve the JS (but not the API):

summertunes serve --dev  # serves JS

And keep beet web running in another terminal, with the config changes above, so the JS has something to talk to.


pip install --editable .
beet web --debug # auto-reloads when you change files


Run summertunes serve --dev in one terminal and beet web --debug in another.