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Irssi installation instructions
To compile irssi you need:
- glib-2.6 or greater
- pkg-config
- openssl (for ssl support)
- perl-5.6 or greater (for perl support)
- terminfo or ncurses (for text frontend)
For most people, this should work just fine:
./ (for people who just cloned the repository)
./configure (if this script already exists, skip ./
make install (not _really_ required except for perl support)
configure options
Specifies the path where irssi will be installed.
YES, you can install irssi WITHOUT ROOT permissions
by using --prefix=/home/dir
Build the irssi proxy (see startup-HOWTO).
Enable Perl support
yes enable builtin (default)
no disable
module enable as module
Specify installation dir for Perl libraries
site install in dir for site-specific modules (default)
vendor install in dir for vendor-specific modules
DIR install in DIR
Build with socks library
Build irssi-bot
Build without text frontend
If anything is in non-standard path, you can just give the paths in
CPPFLAGS and LIBS environment variable, eg.:
CPPFLAGS=-I/opt/openssl/include LDFLAGS=-L/opt/openssl/lib ./configure
Perl problems
Perl support generates most of the problems. There's quite a many
things that can go wrong:
- Compiling fails if you compile irssi with GCC in a system that has
perl compiled with some other C compiler. Very common problem with
non-Linux/BSD systems. You'll need to edit src/perl/*/Makefile files
and remove the parameters that gcc doesn't like. Mostly you'll just
need to keep the -I and -D parameters and add -fPIC.
- If there's any weird crashing at startup, you might have older irssi's
perl libraries installed somewhere, and you should remove those.
- Dynamic libraries don't want to work with some systems, so if your
system complains about some missing symbol in file, configure
irssi with --with-perl-staticlib option (NOT same as --with-perl=static).
- If configure complains that it doesn't find some perl stuff, you're
probably missing or libperl.a. In debian, you'll need to do
apt-get install libperl-dev
- For unprivileged home directory installations, you probably do not want
to specify --with-perl-lib=(site|vendor). Instead, you can use the
default perl installation target (below the irssi prefix). If you are
using local::lib you can also choose to install there by specifying
You can verify that the perl module is loaded and working with "/LOAD"
command. It should print something like:
Module Type Submodules
perl static core fe
System specific notes
Getting perl scripting to work needs a few things:
- configure with --with-perl-staticlib
- libperl.dll is required in linking and running irssi, it's normally
located somewhere around /usr/lib/perl5/5.6.1/cygwin/CORE/libperl5_6_1.dll
copy it to eg. /usr/bin/libperl.dll
- -DUSEIMPORTLIB is needed to be defined while compiling src/perl directory.
It doesn't hurt to be defined everywhere, so configure irssi with:
CFLAGS='-DUSEIMPORTLIB' ./configure --with-perl-staticlib