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Irssi's colors that you can use in text formats, hilights, etc. :
text text background
%k %K %0 black dark grey black
%r %R %1 red bold red red
%g %G %2 green bold green green
%y %Y %3 yellow bold yellow yellow
%b %B %4 blue bold blue blue
%m %M %5 magenta bold magenta magenta
%p %P magenta (think: purple)
%c %C %6 cyan bold cyan cyan
%w %W %7 white bold white white
%n %N Changes the color to "default color", removing
all other coloring and formatting. %N is always
the terminal's default color. %n is usually too,
except in themes it changes to "previous color",
ie. hello = "%Rhello%n" and "%G{hello} world"
would print hello in red, and %n would turn back
into %G making world green.
%F Blinking on/off (think: flash)
%U Underline on/off
%8 Reverse on/off
%9 %_ Bold on/off
%I Italic on/off
%: Insert newline
%| Marks the indentation position
%# Monospace font on/off (useful with lists and GUI)
%% A single %
%XAB %xAB Color from extended plane (A=1-7, B=0-Z)
%ZAABBCC %zAABBCC HTML color (in hex notation)
In .theme files %n works a bit differently. See default.theme
for more information.
MIRC colors that you can use when writing text to channel:
foreground (fg) background (bg)
0 white light gray + blinking fg
1 black black
2 blue blue
3 green green
4 light red red + blinking fg
5 red red
6 magenta (purple) magenta
7 orange orange
8 yellow orange + blinking fg
9 light green green + blinking fg
10 cyan cyan
11 light cyan cyan + blinking fg
12 light blue blue + blinking fg
13 light magenta magenta + blinking fg
14 gray black + blinking fg
15 light gray light gray
These colors may differ depending on your terminal. In particular
the meaning for background may be the same as for the foreground
(bright colors, no blinking), and orange often looks like brown or
dark yellow.
How to use these colors ('#' means a number as MIRC color code):
<Ctrl>-b set bold
<Ctrl>-c#[,#] set foreground and optionally background color
<Ctrl>-o reset all formats to plain text
<Ctrl>-v set inverted color mode
<Ctrl>-_ set underline
<Ctrl>-7 same as <Ctrl>-_
To reset a mode set it again, f.e.
creates black on green FOO followed by a green on black BAR