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@ailin-nemui ailin-nemui released this Feb 29, 2016 · 1131 commits to master since this release

  • Modules will now require to define a

    void MODULENAME ## _abicheck(int *version)

    method to ensure that they are compiled against the correct Irssi version.

  • The signature of "message private" has been changed to

    5: server, message, nick, address, target

    in order to support "self messages". Module authors should implement this change if they are using this signal.

  • Removing networks will now remove all attached servers and channels (#45).

  • The proxy module now has an /irssiproxy command.

  • sb_search has been moved to

  • WIN32 has been completely removed (it had not been working and is lacking a maintainer.)

  • Garbage Collection support has been removed. This will hardly have any effect for anyone given that it has been unsupported for several years.


  • CAP SASL PLAIN login is now supported natively.

  • Paste bracket markers can be requested from terminal with

    /set paste_use_bracketed_mode on
  • "Self messages" generated by some bouncers can now be received in the proper window.

  • Try to split long lines on spaces to avoid words being splitted. Adds a new option: split_line_on_space which defaults to on.

  • Add setting hilight_nick_matches_everywhere (#56).

  • The config parser is more robust and prints out better diagnostics on incorrect config files.

  • Ctrl+^ (FS#721) and Ctrl+J can now be bound.

  • Command history can be cleared with /window history -clear

  • /hilight -mask -line is now supported (FS#275).

  • CHANTYPES are now supported.

  • Improved reload speed of ignores.

  • Add -date feature to /lastlog

  • irssiproxy can be more easily enabled and disabled.

  • Expando for hostname (FS#829).

  • UNIX sockets can now also be specified in the config file.

  • Disable SSLv3 due to the POODLE vulnerability.

  • SSL ciphers can now be specified per server.

  • Added SNI support for SSL.


  • /ignore now respects -pattern on merge (#78).
  • irssiproxy (BNC) module now uses correct line endings.
  • Fix missing lines on large pastes (FS#905).
  • Correctly preserve STATUSMSG prefixes (#291).
  • Fix infinite recursion in key bindings (FS#817).
  • Fix incomplete awaylog caused by buffering.
  • Fix calculation of UTF-8 string length display in some cases.
  • Fix some Perl warnings related to @‍ISA.
  • EXEC windowitems now get proper references on the Perl side.
  • Incremental help file improvements.
  • ANSI attributes are now properly reset.
  • Fixed regression where text would blink when terminal lacks color support.
  • Permit the usage of Freenode extban syntax in /ban (#150)
  • Fixed regression in scriptassist on unload of scripts.
  • Fixed regression in -actcolor %n
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