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use strict;
use vars qw($VERSION %IRSSI);
$VERSION = "2003100201";
%IRSSI = (
authors => "Oskari 'Okko' Ojala",
contact => "sorter.irssi-scripts\",
name => "away2web",
description => "Write /away information to a file to be used on web pages",
license => "BSD",
changed => "$VERSION",
use Irssi 20020324;
# Writes /away information to a file. A web page script (cgi / php / pl..) can
# then read the file and display online/offline information.
# The web page script is left as an excersise for the user because the platforms
# vary. :-)
# Tip: You can also modify this script to directly write HTML and then just include
# the file on your web page.
# Format of the file:
# First line: Either "1" or "0". 0=Offline (away), 1=Online (not away).
# Second line: The away reason (message). If the user is Online, second line is
# empty but exists.
# File is written to ~/.irssi/away2web-status.
sub catch_away {
my $server = shift;
open(STATUSFILE, q{>}, $ENV{'HOME'}.'/.irssi/away2web-status') || die (" Could not open file for writing:".$!);
if ($server->{usermode_away}) {
# User is offline.
print STATUSFILE "0\n";
} else {
# User is online.
print STATUSFILE "1\n";
print STATUSFILE $server->{'away_reason'}."\n";
Irssi::signal_add("away mode changed", "catch_away");
print CLIENTCRAP '%B>>%n '.$IRSSI{name}.' '.$VERSION.' (c) '.$IRSSI{authors}.' loaded';
# end of script.