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# This is useful with irssiproxy, to monitor irc on a separate terminal,
# or if you just want to sit back and watch conversations. It just
# lets Irssi go to the active window whenever there's any activity.
# It was made to demonstrate Irssi's new Perl capabilities...
# Juerd <>
use strict;
use vars qw($VERSION %IRSSI);
use Irssi qw(command_bind active_win);
$VERSION = '1.10';
%IRSSI = (
authors => 'Juerd',
contact => '',
name => 'Follower',
description => 'Automatically switch to active windows',
license => 'Public Domain',
url => '',
changed => 'Thu Mar 19 11:00 CET 2002',
use Irssi 20011211 qw(signal_add command);
sub sig_own {
my ($server, $msg, $target, $orig_target) = @_;
$server->print($target, 'Chatting with loaded is very foolish.');
signal_add {
'window hilight' => sub { command 'window goto active' },
'message own_public' => \&sig_own,
'message own_private' => \&sig_own,
'message irc own_action' => \&sig_own
>> use Irssi 20011211 qw(signal_add command);
Loads the Irssi module, requiring at least version 20011211 and telling
it to export signal_add() and command() into our package.
This kind of version checking came available in the 20011208-snapshot.
Having te Irssi:: subs exported came available in the 20011211-snapshot.
>> sub sig_own
Warns the user: chatting while having windows switch all the time is
foolish, because your text gets sent to whatever window has the focus
when you press enter.
>> signal_add
This was exported into our package, so we can use signal_add() without the
"Irssi::" prefix. Since the 20011207 snapshot, you can add multiple signals
using a single add_signal(). If you want to do so, use a hash reference
(either { foo => bar, foo2 => bar2 } or \%hash).
>> sub { ... }
>> \&subname
These are references to subs(code). The first one is a reference to an
anonymous sub, the second one refers to a named one. Anonymous code
references allow for easy placement of oneliners :)
Irssi understands codereferences since the 20011207 snapshot.
Using references is better than having a string with the function name,