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use strict;
use warnings;
use Irssi;
our $VERSION = '1.1';
our %IRSSI = (
authors => 'Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason',
contact => '',
name => '',
description => 'Changes messages from myself to appear to come from my username, not my nickname',
license => 'Public Domain',
url => ' &',
# /load
# This is for use on servers where your NICK is forced upon you,
# e.g. when connecting to some corporate maintained Bitlbee server
# that has LDAP-connected accounts.
# In that case your NICK may not be what you're used to. This
# intercepts "print text" events from irssi and rewrites them so that
# they appear to come from the "nick" configured in
# settings.core.user_name instead of whatever your nickname is on the
# server.
# The result is that you'll appear to yourself to have your "correct"
# nickname. The illusion goes pretty far, even down to your IRC logs,
# but of course everyone else will see you as your real nickname, or
# maybe your username (I use this for a IRC->Slack/Bitlee gateway).
# This should just automatically work, it'll detect what your nick is,
# what you're username is, and automatically substitute
# s/nick/username/ if applicable.
# Note that if your theme adjusts the msgnick or action_core rendering
# this may not work, because we try to match "< yournick> " or " *
# yournick " in the line, respectively. We could potentially do
# better, please contact the author if you run into issues with this.
sub msg_rename_myself_in_printed_text {
my ($tdest, $data, $stripped) = @_;
# The $tdest object has various other things, like ->{target},
# ->{window} (object) etc.
my $server = $tdest->{server};
# Some events just have ->{window} and no ->{server}, we can
# ignore those
return unless $server;
# Unpack our configuration from $server.
my $server_username = $server->{username};
my $server_nick = $server->{nick};
# We have nothing to do here, our nick is already the same as our
# username.
return if $server_username eq $server_nick;
# We're matching against $stripped but replacing both because the
# $data thing is escaped and much harder to match against.
# We're just replacing nick mentions, so e.g. if you say "Hi I'm
# bob here but my username is bobby" it won't turn into "Hi I'm
# bobby here but my username is bobby".
# The illusion here isn't complete, e.g. if you do /NAMES your
# nick will show up and not your username, but I consider that a
# feature.
if (
# Normal PRIVMSG
$stripped =~ /^<.?\Q$server_nick\E> /s
$stripped =~ /^ \* \Q$server_nick\E /s
) {
s/\Q$server_nick\E/$server_username/ for $data, $stripped;
Irssi::signal_continue($tdest, $data, $stripped);
Irssi::signal_add_first('print text', 'msg_rename_myself_in_printed_text');
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