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use strict;
use vars qw($VERSION %IRSSI);
$VERSION = "1.1";
%IRSSI = (
authors => "Roeland 'Trancer' Nieuwenhuis",
contact => "irssi\",
name => "nickban",
description => "A simple nick banner. If it encounters a nick it bans its host",
license => "Public Domain"
use Irssi;
# The channels the nicks are banned on (on which this script is active)
my @channels = qw(#worldchat #chat-world #php);
# The banned nicks
my @nicks = qw(evildude evilgirl);
# Your kickreason
my $kickreason = "Not welcome here.";
sub nick_banner {
my($server, $channel, $nick, $address) = @_;
# Are we opped?
return unless $server->channel_find($channel)->{chanop};
# If the nick is a server, stop it.
return if $nick eq $server->{nick};
# Is the user a banned nick?
my $nono = 0;
foreach (@nicks) { $nono = 1 if lc($nick) eq lc($_) }
return unless $nono;
# Is the user on one of the banned channels?
my $react = 0;
foreach (@channels) { $react = 1 if lc($channel) eq lc($_) }
return unless $react;
# User voiced or op'd?
# Pretty useless, but ok
return if $server->channel_find($channel)->nick_find($nick)->{op} || $server->channel_find($channel)->nick_find($nick)->{voice};
$server->command("kickban $channel $nick $kickreason");
Irssi::print("Nick banning $nick on $channel. Banned.");
Irssi::signal_add_last('message join', 'nick_banner');
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