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# Nickmix - Perturbates your nick to avoid being collided of be split-riders
# trying to guess your nick (this normally includes banning them
# and setting the channel +i)
use strict;
use vars qw ($VERSION %IRSSI);
$VERSION = 'v0.1';
%IRSSI = (
name => 'nickmix-c0ffee',
authors => 'c0ffee',
contact => '',
url => '',
license => 'GPLv2, not later',
description => 'Perturbates your nick, use /nickmix nick/len where len is the number of chars you want to keep from your orig nick. use /stopmix to stop. Always issue the commands in a window of the server you want to mix in.'
use Irssi;
my %mix;
my %nick;
my %len;
my %servers;
my @valid_chars = (split //, 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789[]{}`_-\\');
sub nickmix {
my ($data, $mask, $cnt) = @_;
$data =~ s/$mask/"$1" . join "", (map { $valid_chars[rand @valid_chars] } (1..$cnt))/e;
return $data;
sub mixer {
my $new_nick;
$new_nick = nickmix($nick{$_},"(.\{$len{$_}\}).*",length($nick{$_}) - $len{$_}),
$servers{$_}->command("NICK $new_nick") foreach (keys %mix);
sub cmd_nickmix {
my ($data, $server, $channel) = @_;
Irssi::print("Not connected to a server."), return if not $server;
if ($data eq "") {
Irssi::print "mixing $nick{$_} on $servers{$_}->{chatnet}" foreach (keys %mix);
Irssi::print("Invalid format: usage: /nickmix nick/keep (keep is an int)"),
return if $data !~ /^\S+\/\d+$/;
$mix{$server->{chatnet}} = $data;
($nick{$server->{chatnet}},$len{$server->{chatnet}}) = $data =~ /^(\S+)\/(\d+)$/;
$servers{$server->{chatnet}} = $server;
Irssi::print("Now mixing $nick{$server->{chatnet}} on $server->{chatnet}");
sub cmd_stopmix {
my ($data, $server, $channel) = @_;
Irssi::print("Not connected to a server."), return if not $server;
Irssi::print("Invalid format: usage: /stopmix"),
return if $data !~ /^\s*$/;
Irssi::print("Stop mixing $nick{$server->{chatnet}} on $server->{chatnet}");
delete $mix{$server->{chatnet}};
Irssi::command_bind("stopmix", "cmd_stopmix");
Irssi::command_bind("nickmix", "cmd_nickmix");
Irssi::print("Nickmix $VERSION loaded...");