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use Irssi;
use strict;
use vars qw/$VERSION %IRSSI/;
$VERSION = 1.0;
%IRSSI = (
authors => 'David Leadbeater',
contact => '',
name => 'resize_split',
description => 'Resizes a split window when it is made active (see comments in script for details)',
license => 'GNU GPLv2 or later',
url => '',
# This script is for if you have a split window for status (or anything else)
# it makes it bigger when it's active.
# (The way I have Irssi setup is with a split status window along the top,
# created with /window show 1 in a channel window).
# For example you do a command that outputs a large amount of text into
# the status window such as /help or /motd (depending on what you put in
# your status window). Then simply hit alt+up and the status window resizes
# to give you more room to read the output, when you go back to another window
# the status window will automatically go back to its previous size.
# BUGS (mostly due to lack of Irssi API for split windows).
# As far as I can see there is no easy way to find out where in a split a
# window is displayed, so if more than one window is sticky inside a split
# and you set that window in the setting below this script will have problems.
# Also if you have more than 2 split windows things won't work as expected.
# Setting: resize_windows
# A space seperated list of windows that you want to be resized when you
# change to them.
# If it contains something that's not a (permanently displayed) split window
# then windows will probably end up with incorrect sizes.
Irssi::settings_add_str("misc", "resize_windows", "1");
Irssi::signal_add("window changed", \&winchg);
sub winchg {
my($newwin, $oldwin) = @_;
if(is_resized($oldwin->{refnum})) {
my $height = $oldwin->{height} - $newwin->{height};
return if $height < 0; # Work around bug in Irssi, minus numbers here
# do weird things (i.e. grow without error
# checking)
$oldwin->command("window shrink $height");
if(is_resized($newwin->{refnum})) {
my $height = $oldwin->{height} - $newwin->{height};
return if $height < 0; # same problem as above..
$newwin->command("window grow $height");
sub is_resized {
for my $refnum(split ' ', Irssi::settings_get_str("resize_windows")) {
return 1 if $refnum == $_[0];