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Fix disclosure via filesystem restores the scrollbuffer between "/upgrade"s by writing the
contents to a file, and reading that after the new process was spawned.
Through that file, the contents of (private) chat conversations may leak to
other users.

Careful users with a limited umask (e.g. 077) are not affected by this bug.
However, most Linux systems default to a umask of 022, meaning that files
written without further restricting the permissions, are readable by any

This patch sets a safer umask of 077 for the scrollbuffer dump, and will
remove the temporary file after use to further reduce the attack surface.
Additionally, it will remove any remaining temporary scrollbuffer file left
in place, like those written by previous versions of the script.
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Juerd Waalboer Ailin Nemui
Juerd Waalboer authored and Ailin Nemui committed Sep 22, 2016
1 parent d62bb05 commit f1b1eb154baa684fad5d65bf4dff79c8ded8b65a
Showing with 28 additions and 14 deletions.
  1. +28 −14 scripts/
@@ -5,18 +5,16 @@
settings_get_str settings_get_bool channels windows
settings_add_str settings_add_bool get_irssi_dir
window_find_refnum signal_stop);
$VERSION = '2.13';
$VERSION = '2.20';
%IRSSI = (
authors => 'Juerd',
contact => '',
name => 'Scroll buffer restorer',
description => 'Saves the buffer for /upgrade, so that no information is lost',
license => 'Public Domain',
url => '',
changed => 'Mon May 13 19:41 CET 2002',
changes => 'Severe formatting bug removed * oops, I ' .
'exposed Irssi to ircII foolishness * sorry ' .
'** removed logging stuff (this is a fix)',
changed => 'Thu Sep 22 01:37 CEST 2016',
changes => 'Fixed file permissions (leaked everything via filesystem)',
note1 => 'This script HAS TO BE in your scripts/autorun!',
note2 => 'Perl support must be static or in startup',
@@ -39,9 +37,15 @@

my %suppress;

sub _filename { sprintf '%s/scrollbuffer', get_irssi_dir }

sub upgrade {
open BUF, q{>}, sprintf('%s/scrollbuffer', get_irssi_dir) or die $!;
print BUF join("\0", map $_->{server}->{address} . $_->{name}, channels), "\n";
my $fn = _filename;
my $old_umask = umask 0077;
open my $fh, q{>}, $fn or die "open $fn: $!";
umask $old_umask;

print $fh join("\0", map $_->{server}->{address} . $_->{name}, channels), "\n";
for my $window (windows) {
next unless defined $window;
next if $window->{name} eq 'status';
@@ -57,36 +61,39 @@ sub upgrade {
redo if defined $line;
printf BUF "%s:%s\n%s", $window->{refnum}, $lines, $buf;
printf $fh "%s:%s\n%s", $window->{refnum}, $lines, $buf;
close BUF;
close $fh;
unlink sprintf("%s/sessionconfig", get_irssi_dir);
command 'layout save';
command 'save';

sub restore {
open BUF, q{<}, sprintf('%s/scrollbuffer', get_irssi_dir) or die $!;
my @suppress = split /\0/, <BUF>;
my $fn = _filename;
open my $fh, q{<}, $fn or die "open $fn: $!";
unlink $fn or warn "unlink $fn: $!";

my @suppress = split /\0/, readline $fh;
if (settings_get_bool 'upgrade_suppress_join') {
chomp $suppress[-1];
@suppress{@suppress} = (2) x @suppress;
active_win->command('^window scroll off');
while (my $bla = <BUF>){
while (my $bla = readline $fh){
chomp $bla;
my ($refnum, $lines) = split /:/, $bla;
next unless $lines;
my $window = window_find_refnum $refnum;
unless (defined $window){
<BUF> for 1..$lines;
readline $fh for 1..$lines;
my $view = $window->view;
my $buf = '';
$buf .= <BUF> for 1..$lines;
$buf .= readline $fh for 1..$lines;
my $sep = settings_get_str 'upgrade_separator';
$sep .= "\n" if $sep ne '';
$window->gui_printtext_after(undef, MSGLEVEL_CLIENTNOTICE, "$buf\cO$sep");
@@ -119,3 +126,10 @@ sub suppress {
unless (-f sprintf('%s/scripts/autorun/', get_irssi_dir)) {
Irssi::print('PUT THIS SCRIPT IN ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/ BEFORE /UPGRADING!!');

# Remove any left-over file. If 'session' doesn't exist (created by irssi
# during /UPGRADE), neither should our file.
unless (-e sprintf('%s/session', get_irssi_dir)) {
my $fn = _filename;
unlink $fn or warn "unlink $fn: $!" if -e $fn;

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