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Irssi ConnectBot is a modified version of the popular ConnectBot SSH client for Android.
Java C++
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.settings Merge branch 'master' of
jni Use Froyo East Asian width measurement and drop JNI lib
libs/armeabi Removed bugsense + Backup(Agent/Wrapper) files.
locale Add Ant commands to import and export translations
res Merge pull request #44 from irssiconnectbot/pubkeysetup
src Handle decoding of PEMs at startup as well as public/privates.
.classpath Remove bugsense from eclipse project.
.gitignore Modifications to key handling.. // -works well.. Fixes #12
.project Added support for native TAB key
AndroidManifest.xml Removed bugsense + Backup(Agent/Wrapper) files.
Irssi Connectbot.iml Changes and merges
README.mediawiki Hello ICB2 Update build.xml to work with sdk-r16
build.xml Update build.xml to work with sdk-r16
proguard.flags Update build.xml to use the SDK tools r7 format Removed bugsense + Backup(Agent/Wrapper) files.


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