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BoundingBoxOutlineReloaded is a mod for Minecraft Vanilla, Forge, LiteLoader, Rift, and Fabric

Why did I make it?

I loved 4poc's BBOutline mod but the only version I could get to work consistently was for Minecraft 1.6.4. This is fine if you want Nether Fortress bounding boxes but if you need witch huts the new block types can cause Minecraft 1.6.4 to crash horribly; and don't get me started on item frames crashing Minecraft 1.6.4!

In addition to this not working with newer worlds, the way it bounds villages lacks the finesse of KaboPC's VillageMarker mod, and any new structures introduced in Minecraft like Ocean Monuments are missing entirely.

What it does

This mod highlights in a variety of colours and styles the different structures & features of the game:-

  • Nether Fortresses; red boxes bound each individual area where Blaze, Wither Skeletons & normal Skeletons will spawn. Time for a beacon methinks!
  • Witch Huts; blue boxes reveal everywhere only witches spawn. Witch farm anyone?
  • Desert Temples; orange boxes envelop the pyramid and towers. Go grab some loot but beware TNT boobie traps!
  • Jungle Temples; dark green boxes surround the temple. Indianna Jones would've love these!
  • Ocean Monuments; cyan boxes indicate where guardians spawn. New sea lantern and prismarine block types FTW.
  • End Cities; magenta boxes show the rooms, corridors and air ships in the End. Time to fall with style!
  • Strongholds; yellow boxes show each room in the stronghold. Does anyone make anything with silverfish spawners?
  • Woodland Mansions; brown boxes show each room in the woodland mansion. Here's Johnny!
  • Mine Shafts; light gray boxes illustrate each of the mine shafts. Cobwebs... grrr!
  • Villages; multicoloured spheres encircle the village, with boxes marking if and where iron golems will spawn. You should see the iron titan... CRAZY!
  • Slime chunks; dark green boxes highlight where slimes will spawn, with a dynamic box that rises to where the players feet are to help find them from the surface. Bouncy... bouncy...
  • World Spawn & spawn chunks; red boxes outline the world spawn and the spawn chunks (active & lazy).
  • Igloos (*); white boxes show where igloos are. Maybe you can convert the zombie villager back?
  • Shipwrecks (*); cyan boxes are like a lighthouse those wary sailors wish they'd had. Time to find some buried treasure?
  • Ocean ruins (*); cyan boxes show the different ocean ruin structures. Watch out for those pesky drowns tho!
  • Buried treasure (*); cyan boxes highlight where the heart of the sea can be found. Conduit anyone?
  • Mob Spawners; bright green boxes show where mob spawners are, where mobs will be spawned, and red/orange/green lines help the player see if a spawner is nearby and activated.
  • Pillager Outposts; grey boxes outline where crossbow wielding pillagers will spawn. Beware of bad omens tho!

(*) Due to how Minecraft generates these structures they will initially float above where they should be, however upon re-logging they should drop down to the correct height. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) buried treasure will always appear at y-90 (unless Mojang change something that is!)

How it works

As chunks are loaded the game provides metadata about all the different structures & features in those chunks. The mod interprets this meta data, caches the results, and renders the bounding boxes to the screen. In an SMP environment this data is not present on the clients so the mod needs to run on the server where the processing happens and then the relevant metadata is sent to the clients for them to render.

Installing (Forge/LiteLoader/Rift/Fabric)

Make sure you have the relevant mod loader installed then drop the mod file into the appropriate mods folder. This approach can be used for client and server deployments where needed.

Installing (Vanilla)

Double-click the jar file and a client profile for the relevant version of Minecraft will be created/updated in the launcher.

Running a server (Vanilla)

To start a vanilla server with the mod loaded, copy the relevant jar file to a folder, and run:-

java -jar BBOutlineReloaded-{version}.jar --server

Running this will download the necessary pre-requisities and start the server.


The keyboard shortcuts can be configured in the standard Controls screen.

The following options are available for configuration on the client through a configuration Gui. On Vanilla, Rift & Fabric there is a BBOR button on the options screen, alternatively press and hold B key when in game.

Option Description Cfg File Key Cfg File Values Default
Nether Fortresses Process/Render Nether Fortresses drawNetherFortresses true/false true
Witch Huts Process/Render Witch Huts drawWitchHuts true/false true
Desert Temples Process/Render Desert Temples drawDesertTemples true/false true
Jungle Temples Process/Render Jungle Temples drawJungleTemples true/false true
Ocean Monuments Process/Render Ocean Monuments drawOceanMonuments true/false true
End Cities Process/Render End Cities drawEndCities true/false true
Strongholds Process/Render Strongholds drawStrongholds true/false false
Woodland Mansions Process/Render Mansions drawMansions true/false true
Mine Shafts Process/Render Mine Shafts drawMineShafts true/false false
Igloos Process/Render Igloos drawIgloos true/false true
Shipwrecks Process/Render Shipwrecks drawShipwrecks true/false true
Ocean Ruins Process/Render Ocean Ruins drawOceanRuins true/false true
Buried Treasure Process/Render Buried Treasure drawBuriedTreasure true/false true
Mob Spawner Process/Render Mob Spawners drawMobSpawners true/false true
Mob Spawner Spawn Area Render where mobs will be spawned renderMobSpawnerSpawnArea true/false true
Mob Spawner Activation Lines Render red/orange/green lines to show nearby spawners and if they are active renderMobSpawnerActivationLines true/false true
Pillager Outposts Process/Render Pillager Outpoints drawPillagerOutposts true/false true
Villages Process/Render Villages drawVillages true/false true
Village spheres Render Villages as spheres instead of cuboids renderVillageAsSphere true/false true
Village sphere dot size The size of the dots used when rendering village as sphere villageSphereDotSize 1-5 3
Village sphere density The density of the dots used when rendering village as sphere villageSphereDensity 1-5 3
Village Iron Golem Spawn Area Render Iron Golem Spawn Area within valid Villages drawIronGolemSpawnArea true/false true
Village doors Render lines between village centre and doors drawVillageDoors true/false false
Slime Chunks Process/Render Slime Chunks drawSlimeChunks true/false true
Slime Chunks Maximum Y Maximum Y value of the dynamic slime chunk boxes slimeChunkMaxY -1-255 (see below) -1
World Spawn Process/Render World Spawn & Spawn Active Chunks drawWorldSpawn true/false true
World Spawn Maximum Y Maximum Y value of the world spawn & spawn chunk boxes worldSpawnMaxY -1-255 (see below) -1
Lazy Spawn Chunks Process/Render Lazy Spawn Chunks drawLazySpawnChunks true/false false
Fill Fill the bounding boxes (except village ones) fill true/false true
Always Visible Bounding boxes are visible through blocks - kinda messes with perspective tho! alwaysVisible true/false false
Keep Cache Between Sessions Bounding box caches are not cleared when disconnecting from single or multiplayer worlds. keepCacheBetweenSessions true/false false
Outer Boxes Only Render outer bounding boxes only outerBoxesOnly true/false false

The Maximum Y value configuration options have some special values, these are:-

  • -1 = the Y value of the players feet when the bounding boxes were activated.
  • 0 = the current Y value of the players feet.

Another option to configure is to open the config/BBOutlineReloaded.cfg file with your text editor of choice and change the settings. Simples! Minecraft Client will need to be restarted for the settings changed this way to take effect.


  • Press B, sit back and enjoy the goodness flowing onto your screen.
  • Press and hold B to open the configuration Gui.
  • Press O to switch the "Display Outer Boxes Only" mode on and off, this will allow you to see the full boundary of Nether Fortresses, End Cities, Strongholds and Mineshafts

Bounding boxes when connected to servers

There are a couple of options when you want bounding boxes to show whilst accessing servers:-

  • Use a modded server - Ensure the server is running with this mod loaded (as described above), and connect to the server with a client with this mod loaded.
  • Keep cache - With the "Keep Cache Between Sessions" config setting enabled, Open a copy of the world in single player and move around to capture all the structures you want in the cache. Once you are happy with the structures you have cached, quit the single player game and connect to the server without closing Minecraft. You will see all the structures from the cache.


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