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Usage: moonlight [options] host


map Create mapping file for gamepad
pair Pair device with computer
stream Stream computer to device
list List available games and applications
quit Quit the application or game being streamed
help Show this help

Global options:

-config <config> Load configuration file
-save <config> Save configuration file

Streaming options:

-720 Use 1280x720 resolution (default)
-1080 Use 1920x1080 resolution
-width <width> Horizontal resolution (default 1280)
-height <height> Vertical resolution (default 720)
-30fps Use 30fps
-60fps Use 60fps (default)
-bitrate <bitrate> Specify the bitrate in Kbps
-packetsize <size> Specify the maximum packetsize in bytes
-app <app> Name of app to stream
-nosops Don't allow GFE to modify game settings
-localaudio Play audio locally
-keydir <directory>\tLoad encryption keys from directory

I/O options:
-mapping <file> Use <file> as gamepad mapping configuration file (use before -input)
-input <device> Use <device> as input. Can be used multiple times
-audio <device> Use <device> as ALSA audio output device (default sysdefault)

Use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Q to exit streaming session