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Hardening the Tox network, document writing in progress.

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+Currently an attacker with sufficient resources could launch a large scale
+denial of service type attack by flooding the Tox network with a bunch of nodes
+that do not act like real nodes to prevent people from finding each other.
+Due to the design of Tox, this is the worst thing an attacker can do to disrupt
+the network.
+This solution's goal is to make these denial of service attack very very hard
+to accomplish.
+For the network to work every Tox node must:
+1. Respond to ping requests.
+2. Respond to get node requests with the ids of nodes closest to a queried id
+(It is assumed each nodes know at least the 32 nodes closest to them.)
+3. Properly send crypto request packets to their intended destination.
+Currently the only thing a node needs to do to be part of the network is
+respond correctly to ping requests.
+The only people we really trust on the network are the nodes in our friends
+The behavior of each Tox node is easily predictable this means that it possible
+for Tox nodes to test the nodes that they are connected to to see if they
+behave like normal Tox nodes and only send nodes that are confirmed to behave
+like real Tox nodes as part of send node replies when other nodes query them.
+If correctly done, this means that to poison the network an attacker can only
+infiltrate the network if his "fake" nodes behave exactly like real nodes
+completely defeating the purpose of the attack. Of course nodes must be
+rechecked regularly to defeat an attack where someone floods the network with
+many good nodes then suddenly turns them all bad.
+This also prevents someone from accidentally killing the tox network with a bad
+implementation of the protocol.
+Implementation ideas (In Progress):
+1. Use our friends to check if the nodes in our close list are good.
+EX: If our friend queries a node close to us and it correctly returns our
+ip/port and then sends a crypto request packet to it and it routes it correctly
+to us then it is good.
+Problems with this: People don't always have at least one online friend.
+2. ...

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