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Predefined CSS counter-styles for Telugu
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CSS Counter Styles for Telugu

The CSS Counter Styles Level 3 module defines only numeric style for Telugu. This project aims to collect all counter styles needed for Telugu.

NOTE: As of December 2015, only Firefox supports user-defined @counter-style rules. So, these rules do not (yet) work on other browsers.

Base counter styles

Numeric (telugu)

@counter-style telugu {
  system: numeric;
  symbols: '౦' '౧' '౨' '౩' '౪' '౫' '౬' '౭' '౮' '౯';

NOTE: This rule is specified in the specification. So, major browsers may include it as built-in.

Alphabetic (telugu-alphabetic)

@counter-style telugu-alphabetic {
  system: alphabetic;
  symbols: 'అ' 'ఆ' 'ఇ' 'ఈ' 'ఉ' 'ఊ' 'ఎ' 'ఏ' 'ఐ' 'ఒ' 'ఓ' 'ఔ' 'అం' 'అః' 'క' 'ఖ' 'గ' 'ఘ' 'ఙ' 'చ' 'ఛ' 'జ' 'ఝ' 'ఞ' 'ట' 'ఠ' 'డ' 'ఢ' 'ణ' 'త' 'థ' 'ద' 'ధ' 'న' 'ప' 'ఫ' 'బ' 'భ' 'మ' 'య' 'ర' 'ల' 'వ' 'శ' 'ష' 'స' 'హ' 'ళ' 'క్ష' 'ఱ';

Extended counter styles

The base counter styles can be exteded to style with right parenthis అ) or surrounded parentheses (అ).

Numeric with right paren (telugu-right-paren)

@counter-style telugu-right-paren {
  system: extends telugu;
  suffix: ") ";

Numeric with surrounded parens (telugu-parens-around)

@counter-style telugu-parens-around {
  system: extends telugu;
  prefix: "(";
  suffix: ") ";

Alphabetic with right paren (telugu-alphabetic-right-paren)

@counter-style telugu-alphabetic-right-paren {
  system: extends telugu-alphabetic;
  suffix: ") ";

Alphabetic with surrounded parens (telugu-alphabetic-parens-around)

@counter-style telugu-alphabetic-parens-around {
  system: extends telugu-alphabetic;
  prefix: "(";
  suffix: ") ";
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