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#! /usr/local/bin/python
# Info on startups interrupted by compat check dialog
import simplejson as json
# from collections import defaultdict, Counter
# d is filter criteria:
# [reason, appName, appUpdateChannel, appVersion, appBuildID, submission_date]
# Output is "YES newversion" #times when version changed and interrupted,
# "NO newversion" #times when version changed but no UI
# "Sessions" # rows seen
def map(k, d, v, cx):
cx.write("Sessions", 1);
j = json.loads(v)
i = j['info']
appVersion = i['appVersion']
if not 'simpleMeasurements' in j:
s = j['simpleMeasurements']
if not 'addonManager' in s:
a = s['addonManager']
if 'XPIDB_startup_load_reasons' in a:
r = a['XPIDB_startup_load_reasons']
if 'appChanged' in r:
if 'startupInterrupted' in s and s['startupInterrupted'] == 1:
cx.write("YES " + appVersion, 1)
# Check to see if all add-ons are in the app-global location
allAppGlobal = True
if 'addonDetails' in j and 'XPI' in j['addonDetails']:
ad = j['addonDetails']['XPI']
for addon in ad.values():
if 'location' in addon:
if addon['location'] != 'app-global':
allAppGlobal = False
if allAppGlobal:
# we didn't present UI because all add-ons are app-global
cx.write("AG " + appVersion, 1)
# upgrade UI disabled by pref
cx.write("NO " + appVersion, 1)
if 'hasPendingChanges' in r:
cx.write("hasPendingChanges", 1)
# Things that cause startup cache flushes:
# load reason 'hasPendingChanges'
# The config UI was shown (i.e. startupInterrupted)
# processFileChanges() returns true
# - removeMetadata returns true
# ** removed an active add-on
# - addMetadata returns true
# ** added a new non-bootstrap add-on
# - updateMetadata true
# ** removing an invalid, previously active add-on fails
# ** File system change detected for non-bootstrap add-on
# - updateVisibilityAndCompatibility true
# ** A non-bootstrap add-on became visible
# ** A non-bootstrap changed enable/disable
# - updateDescriptor true
# ** a visible add-on changed location in the file system
# adding a bootstrap add-on that hides an existing one, in addMetadata
# a bootstrap add-on changed on the file system, in updateMetadata
def reduce(k, v, cx):
cx.write(k, sum(v))