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I had the pleasure of presenting at on 22-09-2017 in London. PSDay uk was sponsored by Ticketmaster and G-Research. I presented the following topic:

PowerShell Classes for Ops transitioning to Dev

I’ve been fascinated by PowerShell classes since its introduction in v5. When Rob Sewell asked me to do a session at the, I didn’t have to think too long about the topic 🙂The code is bases on an interaction I had with Jaap Brasser (The legend himself 😉 ) on his blog a while back. At first I thought I didn’t have enough code but it all timed-out perfectly in the end.

ClassMyDate.ps1 is where I gave hands-on explanation on classes.

ClassMyDateII.ps1 was somewhat a last minute code. Here's where Classes can be a good thing! I was so fixated on $Day I forget all about what would happen if $NextWeek got changed instead. Hence this piece of code :-)

ClassFileSize.ps1 is where I gave specific examples all building up to making it a class!

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