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About the App

The Harvest Share application allows users to register for an account to upload produce that they have available and would like to to share with others. Users who would like to post available produce will enter the type of produce they have available, the variety, seed source, availability for pickup, whether the produce is organic, and any other information they would like to share about their produce.

Users searching for produce can filter by the produce type. Available produce types display on a map with info blurbs that specify the amount of produce, seed source, a pickup availability time frame, and other information.

How to use

  • Sign UP takes the user to the sign up page where they will enter their name, email, phone number, password, and profile picture.
  • Login takes users to the map view where they can search for produce within the Portland area.
  • Share! takes users to the share page where they will enter information about the produce they would like to post to the map.
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