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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Volume² does not work in programs that ran as Administrator.

You should run Volume² as Administrator. To do this open Settings - System tab and check Run as Administrator and Run program at Windows startup change to As Task. Restart program.

2. How does Volume² adjust the brightness?

Volume² can adjust the brightness. To enable this option you should add hotkeys Brightness+/-/*. Brightness is changed programmatically.

3. Autorun does not work on Windows 10.

If Volume² runs as Administrator, Windows 10 does not load it. To fix this, you should change Config.ini with the following data(works in version and higher). After that run program and restart system:


4. Where is Config.ini located?

Open program Settings - System tab - Open profile folder.

5. Stops working after awhile.

Open program Settings - System tab - enable option Restart the hooks every 500 ms.

6. Fn keys

Fn keys can not be assigned as hotkeys, because they do not generate codes that can be hooked.

7. Incompatibility

Some programs incompatible with Volume²:

Logitech SetPoint: Smooth scrolling must be disabled.
A4 OscarX7 does not work correctly. StrokePlus sometimes works only one of programs.

8. Hide Windows default volume OSD

Volume² can help you hide system volume OSD.
You should configure Hotkeys as showed below:

9. Silent installation

For silent installation please use an installer from this page with key /silent. Also this key supports the following parameters:

AutoRun_off - disables autorun option
RunProgramSettings_off - disables run program settings after installation
RunProgram_off - disables run program after installation

10. Startup "as program" vs run "as task". What is the difference?

When you use autorun as program in this case will be used system registry and you can see program in Task Manager, Startup tab (does not work for run as administrator). If you want to use run as administrator and run program on Windows startup you must use Startup as task, in this case Task Scheduler will be used and task will be created for autorun with highest privileges. As task also can be used for common user but in this case task will be created without highest privileges and this equals to startup as program. So for usual work it is enough to use Startup as program. For "Run as administrator" there is only one option for using autorun - Startup as task.

11. How to make the volume icon and device icon displayed together?

image VolumeAndDeviceIconsTogether