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A free subdomain provider for developers around the globe.

Thanks to our sponsors for keeping this project running.


Please read the documentation to register a new domain manually.

Or if you want to register a domain using your command line, you can check out our CLI.

Your pull request will not be merged if:

  • You already own a subdomain on our service.
  • The records provided includes invalid/unpermitted record types. If this happens we will notify you and request changes.
  • It violates users privacy.

If your subdomain is inactive, it may be purged. We will try and notify you before purging via the email you provided.



A new take on reliable and affordable hosting. BlueFoxHost provides stable services while maintaining efficient customer service. We currently offer Minecraft hosting, Discord Bot hosting, and Terraria hosting at affordable prices. Use the code: STARTED20 for 20% off of your first month!


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