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Learn ES6 Generators

An Intro to ES6 generators via a set of self-guided workshops.



[![npm version](](

You can ask questions in nodeschool/discussions board: Gitter

Send an anonymous feedback about learn-generators here: google/form.

Install or Update

You need nodejs >= 0.12.x or iojs >= 1.0.x

$ npm install learn-generators -g

Start learning

0. General information

learn-generators is i18n-friendly workshopper, currently you can learn on English or French language. Hit choose language menu item or selet language with -l flag with aviable prefixes: en, fr, ko, ja, es and ru. Type:

$ learn-generators -l

To see available languages and select the language which you like.

You can also get all available commads in help:

$ learn-generators help

1. Select a topic to learn

Once the workshop is installed, run learn-generators to print a menu where you use the arrows ↑↓ (vim jk works too) to select a topic to learn.

$ learn-generators

2. Writing your solution

Once you have selected a topic, the workshop will remember which problem you are working on. Using your preferred editor, simply create a file to write your solution in. Most topics will supply some boilerplate with which to get started. Copy this from the topic description to your solution file.

3. Testing your solution

Use the workshop's run command to point the workshop at your solution file. Your solution will loaded and passed the topic input. This usually won't perform any validation, it will only show the program output.

$ learn-generators run mysolution.js

4. Verifying your solution

Your solution will be verified against the output of the 'official' solution. If all of the output matches, then you have successfully solved the problem!

$ learn-generators verify mysolution.js


Feedback and criticism is welcome, please log your troubles in issues. Or you can send an anonymous feedback here: google/form.


You can learn generators due to this people:

Ruslan Ismagilov@isRuslan@is_ruslan
Ilia Akhmadullin@i-akhmadullin@i_akhmadullin
Max Ogden@maxogden@maxogden
Christophe Porteneuve@tdd@porteneuve
Julien Fontanet@julien-f@JulienFontanet
Kuniyoshi Tone@kunichan2013@kunitone
Nicolás Bevilacqua@nicobevilacqua@NicoBeviIacqua_

Rod Vagg (@rvagg) made this workshopper framework (⌐■_■)


MIT © Ruslan Ismagilov