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Crow is a web app for thoughtful tweeting

Twitter's ease of use is much of what makes it so great, but that low barrier to posting also makes it really easy to make typos, or make regrettable posts. Crow is here to help.

Crow allows you to jot down thoughts as you think of them, and come back to them later for pruning, and post them to Twitter when you're ready.

Getting Started


First, clone Crow to your local machine, and move into that directory.

git clone && cd crow

You will need to setup your Mongo database to include the required crow database and users collection. After starting the Mongo shell, use these commands:

use crow

Then update NPM, install the required dependencies, and start the server.

npm update
npm install
node server/app.js

Once installed and started, the site will be live on http://localhost:3000.


Crow was heavily inspired by the late Birdhouse for iOS. I'm not alone in my desire for a similar tool for Twitter, and my hope is that this will fill the whole left by Birdhouse.

Crow was/is being developed as my solo project during my time as a student at Prime Digital Academy.

You can follow along with my experiences as I progress through development on my blog, I'll be posting at least every weekday about what I did and learned that day.

If you need support when using the app, feel free to contact me at, or visit Crow's website (forthcoming).

Software/Tools/Code used for this project


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.txt file for details


Crow is a web app for thoughtful tweeting




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