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A set of files which help provide better support for Azure with a number of F# projects.
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A set of files which help provide better support for Azure with a number of F# projects.

AppInsights on Suave

paket usage: github isaacabraham/azure-fsharp-helpers src/appinsights/suave-appinsights.fs

This file adds a new Suave.Azure.ApplicationInsights module which supports: -

  • Request logging for any WebPart (timing, outcome, exception handling etc.)
  • Dependency tracking
  • Configuring the Telemetry Client with the appropriate AppInsights key
  • Provisioning of a Telemetry Client

Example usage: -

    POST >=> OK "BYE BYE" ] // Basic Suave routes
|> ApplicationInsights.withRequestTracking ApplicationInsights.buildApiOperationName // App Insights into it

Azure App Service Configuration settings

paket usage: github isaacabraham/azure-fsharp-helpers src/configuration.fs

This file contains a single function applyAzureEnvironmentToConfigurationManager that lives in System.Configuration.Azure. It migrates all Azure App Setting settings that exist as Environment settings into the Configuration Manager. This is useful when using e.g. a Suave application hosted in the Azure App Service as you can now see Application Settings through the portal as normal and have them show up in your application.

Azure App Service Diagnostics

paket usage: github isaacabraham/azure-fsharp-helpers src/diagnostics.fs

This file contains a single function addAzureAppServicesTraceListeners that lives in System.Diagnostics.Tracing.Azure. It automatically tries to add Trace Listeners for Azure Drive, Table and Blob, which relates to the Logging settings you can activate within an Azure App Service; in other words, you can log to blob, tables or the local file system (as well as the live log streaming service).

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