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Data collection using Python and R - Original gist ⇢
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Data collection and statistics using Python and R

Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed.

Scripting in Python and R

The following gist offers a focus on Data Collection, one of the stages* of the Data Science methodology. We will also perform basic math operations on a single dataframe to see how they render using Python or R.


I used no vesioning system for this gist, which repos status is flagged as concept because it is intended to be a demo or POC (proof-of-concept).



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Copyright 2018, Isaac Arnault
MIT License,



  • Perform a data collection in Python and R using Jupyter.
    ⇢ Use the following dataframe from
  • How many observations and variables does the dataframe contain? Base your assessment on your scripting outputs.
  • Calculate Sum, Min, Max and Mean of variable "raisedAmt" using Python (and Pandas) and using R.
    — (*) Ten stages are crucial regarding Data Science methodology, among which Data collection. See
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