A web scraper for Northwestern Baseball play-by-play data.
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A web scraper for Northwestern Baseball play-by-play data.

This project contains Scrapy spiders for scraping information about every NCAA D1 baseball team, every 2018 NCAA D1 baseball player, and play-by-play data for every 2018 Northwestern University baseball game.

This project also uses Firebase and Algolia to store and search for team, player, and play data.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.

Installing Requirements

First, clone the respository.

git clone https://github.com/isaacrlee/play-by-play-scraper.git

Next, setup a Python 3 virtual environment, activate it, and install the packages in requirements.txt.

Setting up Firebase and Algolia

Now, setup a Firebase app with a realtime database, and add an authenticated user. docs

Setup an Algolia app and an index with the name teams. docs

Recording Key Information

in /pbp/pbp/keys.py record the following information from setting up the Algolia and Firebase apps:

algolia_app_id = "XXX"
algolia_api_key = "XXX"

config = {
    "apiKey": "XXX",
    "authDomain": "XXX.firebaseapp.com",
    "databaseURL": "https://XXX.firebaseio.com/",
    "storageBucket": "XXX.appspot.com"

email = 'XXX@XXX.com'
password = 'XXX'

Running the Spiders

Uncomment lines 13-19 of pipelines.py:

# if spider.name == 'team':
#     db.child('teams').child(item['tbc_team_id']).set(item)
# if spider.name == 'player':
#     db.child("players").child(item['tbc_player_id']).set(item)
#     # db.child("players").child(item['tbc_player_id']).update(item)
# if spider.name == 'pbp':
#     db.child("plays").push(item)

This function uploads the scraped team, player, and play data to your Firebase database.

In the terminal, make sure you're in the virtual environment and move into the first pbp directory:

cd pbp

Run the team spider first:

scrapy crawl team -o teams.json

This will also store the scraping output in teams.json

Next, run the player spider (Note: this may take a few minutes):

scrapy crawl player -o players.json

This will store the scraping output in players.json

Finally, fun the pbp (play-by-play) spider:

scrapy crawl pbp -o pbp.json

This will store the scraping output in pbp.json. Note: There may be a couple of exceptions if this spider is run on the given northwestern_games pages, this is due to the fact that Northwestern played a couple D3 teams that are not in the database and will be fixed in the future. These exceptions do not stop the rest of the games from being scraped.

After this spider completes, the play-by-play data can be accessed using the Firebase client of your choice or by loading the pbp.json file into the data analysis software of your choice. (I prefer Pyrebase for Python 3 and Jupyter notebooks).

Example Play Data:

{"offense_team": 20037, "play": "Dickey grounded out to ss.", "game_id": 13355, "pitcher_id": "203021", "batter_id": "201091", "pa_result": "G", "batted_ball_location": "SS"}

Using A Different Team's Dataset

This scraper is optimized for pages using the SIDEARM Sports template and has only been tested on Northwestern Baseball games.

A fair amount of code customized specifically for edge cases with Northwestern Baseball games is used and can be found by searching # CUSTOM throughout the codebase.

This scraper can be tested on other team's play-by-play data, as long as they use the SIDEARM Sports page template, by loading a different set of starting_urls in pbp_spider.py (Line 12):

# CUSTOM: Northwestern Games
start_urls = northwestern_games

If run on a different set of games, it is extremely likely that the regex expressions used in middlewares.py will need to be changed, and additional custom code will have to be introduced to deal with different edge case.

Common Errors

  • Firebase 'Unauthorized': Need to add an authorized user to Firebase and record the details in a keys.py file.
  • Unknown command: crawl: Need to change into the pbp directory

Known Issues

  • Name parsing not 100% accurate as it relies on a lot of regular expressions and unambiguos play-by-play data.
  • The batted ball location for a fielder's choice is not recorded. This is due to difficulties with regular expressions
  • Games against non-D1 opponents is not recorded. This can be fixed by adapting the team spider to scrape all teams info, not just D1.
  • Plays such as dropped fly balls and ejections are skipped.

Built With