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simple "make" utility. ideas welcome.
For now, write a Makefile.uglify.js file with contents like this:

      files: [
        { name: "foo.js", module: "Foo" },
        { name: "bar.js", hide: true }

If you run uglifyjs --make it will read and compress foo.js and wrap it like

    (function(){ return this })().Foo = (function(exports, global){
        ... compressed contents of foo.js ...
    })({}, (function(){ return this })());

as for bar.js it'll wrap like this:

        ... compressed contents of bar.js ...

Both of them are concatenated and returned.

The "module" is thus useful to use libraries designed for a CommonJS
environment in browser.

This is just a quick hack as I needed it fast, but the plan is to evolve
it—handle compressor options in the Makefile, additional possibilities to
wrap the files, maybe handle require(...).


transform a["123"] into a[123] (fixes #107)


keep the first token in ast_walker, ast_add_scope and ast_mangle (use…
…ful for

the case where we include the original token in the AST, see parse())


fixed doc rendering for github
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