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Printing errors to console.error #1

Raynos opened this Issue June 02, 2012 · 2 comments

2 participants

Raynos (Jake Verbaten) Isaac Z. Schlueter
Raynos (Jake Verbaten)
Raynos commented June 02, 2012

It does this by default without any way of telling it to stop doing so.

The error printing should be handled better so I can turn it on or off without having to overwrite the entire defaultHandler.

Maybe var log = require("debug")("error-page")

Isaac Z. Schlueter
isaacs commented June 04, 2012

Maybe you could specify a log function in the config, and it will default that to console.error.

Patch welcome.

Raynos (Jake Verbaten)
Raynos commented June 07, 2012

Fixed by #2

Raynos (Jake Verbaten) Raynos closed this June 07, 2012
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