Add API call for transferring repo ownership #117

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patcon commented Nov 4, 2013

Sent this email to

Heyo! Here's the context on this feature request:


patcon commented Nov 4, 2013

Got a really helpful reply from @izuzak:


Thanks for the request, I've added it to our feature request list.

Also, there are workarounds for the error you are seeing when transferring a repository to an organization [1]. If you're not an admin in the organization, the owners of the organization can just create a new admin team with access to no repositories and put you into the team. That way there's no security risk of adding you as an admin and you will be able to transfer the repository.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Ivan!

xdgc commented Oct 3, 2014


Any update on this?

Also ability to set maintainer without changing owner.

shahata commented Jan 18, 2016


sufie commented May 25, 2016


mtintes commented Jan 3, 2017


fenxu commented May 17, 2017


Any updates on this? Looking to transfer ownership of several hundred repos and would be great to script with an API!

fdsCG commented Jun 21, 2017


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